A look at a Unique Pet Product for Dogs

As a dog lover, I want the best for 'my Max', my adorable cocker spaniel!  After all, he is my pride and joy and I enjoy looking after his every whim!

My Max

Be it looking for a dog bed, grooming tools to keep is coat top-notch.  Or looking for unique products to make him and my life easier!  I get a lot of enjoyment in finding and comparing products.  I love buying doggy things that compliment my home and decor! and likewise, I love coming across products that are unique in some way.

I am partial to a bit of tartan and so Max has a lovely green tartan bed.

It suits him as he is an ex working cocker! He upgraded from his outside kennel to the creature comforts of the boot room! well, the fireside armchair to be more precise.  The tartan bed does look rather cozy next to the fire, even if unoccupied until bedtime!

I do like to find unique pet products that benefit us both, after all, I am paying for them!

and not one to keep my findings to myself I am going to share with my fellow dog lovers and avid running enthusiasts and those of you that find yourselves needing an extra pair of hands a product that I have recently stocked in my store......  

The hands-free bungee lead for running, walking and hiking!

As your dog changes pace, running to a hedge to pee on, or to inspect some grass, instead of the lead yanking you, it will give slack.

When running, the lead limits the pull from the lead and the flexibility of the bungee will pull your pooch back.

The lightweight and hands-free solution enables you to keep running with an ordinary arm swinging movement providing optimal comfort when running with your dog. Your dog can comfortably run in front of you, or beside you, without feeling like you are stepping on their heels. 

A dog lead that goes around your waist as opposed to your hand is recommended by both trainers and physical therapists.

You increase your posture while reducing any strain on your arm, neck, and back and then have your hands free for those shopping bags! 


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